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Strategic Quality Management

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Strategic Quality Management


  • Utilizes workshops, case studies, and group summaries to help participants understand different strategies, quality concepts, and applications.
  • Emphasizes practical application to illustrate the strategic planning process from start to finish, including quality planning and team discussions, presentations, and videos.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define quality and strategic concepts, focusing on key strategic planning elements in quality.
  • Analyze the current situation and identify opportunities for developing a strategic quality plan.
  • Generate strategic objectives for the quality department.
  • Translate a strategic plan into an operational plan.
  • Study how to measure the success of quality strategies, extract key performance indicators (KPIs), and create a balanced scorecard for quality management.

Target Audience:

  • All quality managers and employees involved in influencing, formulating, and supporting the strategic and long-term planning of the quality organization.
  • Those responsible for linking, measuring, and improving the performance of others.
  • Employees interested in professional development or promotion in the quality field.

Program Content:

  • Strategic Quality Management and Strategic Thinking.
  • Evolution and Concepts of Quality.
  • Product Quality Dimensions.
  • Service Quality Dimensions.
  • Quality Management System: Its Elements.
  • Core Principles of Strategic Quality Management.
  • Strategic Deployment of Quality Frameworks and Excellence Awards:
    • European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).
    • Dubai Quality Award / Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award.
  • Strategic Management Assessment.
  • Strategic Thinking vs. Strategic Planning in Quality Management.
  • Control Process and Strategic Planning.
  • Benefits of Strategic Quality Management.
  • Barriers to Strategic Implementation.
  • Fundamentals of Strategic Planning.

Environmental Analysis:

  • Tools for Situational Analysis in Quality Management.
  • Quality Analysis for Stakeholders.
  • Defining Quality Vision and Mission.
  • Developing a Quality Policy Statement.
  • Setting Strategic Objectives for Quality.
  • Identifying Key Success Factors in Quality.
  • Key Result Areas and Key Performance Indicators.

Objectives, Goals, and Creative Strategies:

  • Goals, Objectives, and Targets for the Quality Department.
  • Financial vs. Non-financial Objectives.
  • Utilizing Key Result Areas in the Quality Sector.
  • Adopting Effective Strategies for Achieving Excellence.
  • Examples of Strategic Objectives.
  • Examples of Quality Management Strategies.
  • Transitioning from Success Factors to Achieving Strategic Objectives.

Operational Planning:

  • Expanding the Scope of SWOT Analysis for Strategies.
  • How-How Technique for Developing Quality-related Initiatives.
  • Criteria for Effective Action Plans.
  • Linking Objectives, Strategies, Action Plans, and Budgets.
  • Developing a Quality Management Plan.

Measurement of Quality Management Strategy:

  • Control Approaches in Quality.
  • Using Key Result Areas (KRAs) to Create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Process Control.
  • Examples of Key Performance Indicators for Quality.
  • Types of Measures.
  • Quality Performance Measurement Dashboard.
  • Balanced Scorecard for Quality Management.

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Strategic Quality Management

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