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Communication Skills in Crisis Situations

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Communication Skills in Crisis Situations


  • Utilizes various educational and interactive methods and tools
  • Relies on real-life issues to help participants effectively apply theoretical concepts
  • Divided into four educational foundations: theoretical concepts (lectures and presentations), role-playing (group exercises), experience sharing (group discussions), and addressing global crises and selected policies.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify different types and characteristics of crises
  • Compile a list of different principles for communication during crises
  • Plan crisis management operations to mitigate their potential effects on their institutions
  • Clarify the benefits of using media during crises
  • Evaluate and prioritize dimensions related to crisis communication management
  • Analyze and interpret the results of crisis communication management

Target Audience:

This training course targets team leaders, supervisors, public relations department managers, and all professionals involved in crisis communication management.

Program Content:

  • Introduction
  • Defining crises
  • Overview of communication concepts
  • Different types of communication
  • Key aspects of crises
  • Evolution of crises

Principles of Crisis Communication:

  • Setting clear goals
  • Rapid response
  • Taking responsibility
  • Appropriate messaging
  • Understanding your audience
  • Demonstrating and maintaining credibility
  • Coordinating with others
  • Continuous monitoring

Crisis Management Process:

  • Pre-crisis stage
  • Crisis management plan
  • Crisis management team
  • Role of spokesperson
  • Crisis occurrence stage
  • Initial response
  • Reputation repair
  • Post-crisis stage
  • Lessons learned
  • Follow-up and communication

Media and Communication in Crises:

  • Media and communication channels
  • Media as a partner in crisis response
  • Social media and communication during crises
  • Social media as a useful tool or challenge
  • Effective use of social media in crisis communication

Dimensions of Crisis Communication Management:

  • Operational decision-making dimension
  • Victim management dimension
  • Trust and credibility dimension
  • Behavioral dimension
  • Professional expectations dimension
  • Ethical dimension
  • Lessons learned

Measuring Your Results in Crises:

  • Measuring outputs
  • Measuring the impact of the crisis
  • Measuring outcomes
  • Steps in the measurement program
  • Setting goals
  • Identifying the audience
  • Defining measurement criteria and indicators
  • Timing, budgeting, and measurement tools selection
  • Analyzing results, extracting information, and making recommendations

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Communication Skills in Crisis Situations

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