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Public Relations and Media Skills

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Public Relations and Media Skills


  • Interactive training techniques.
  • Various educational tools including presentations, group exercises, roundtable discussions, video clips, and case studies.

Course Objectives:

  • Analyzing and evaluating the latest concepts and strategies in public relations in different environments.
  • Assessing various public relations methods and approaches suitable for general organizational settings.
  • Practicing essential public relations skills related to oral and written communication, editing, production, and presentation.
  • Understanding the importance of media events and media skills in public relations.
  • Activating the process of audience presentation and delivery.
  • Using their public relations skills as a promotional tool.

Target Audience:

  • Public relations employees and professionals who need to communicate and interact with internal and external clients.
  • Especially beneficial for managers and supervisors in employee affairs, marketing, sales, training, and administrative functions.
  • Also useful for managers and employees involved in media activities.

Program Content:

  • Concepts of public relations.
  • Required specifications for success in public relations.
  • Public relations tools.
  • Definition, roles, and situations.
  • Qualities of a successful public relations employee.

Public Relations and Communication Skills:

  • Importance of communication in public relations.
  • Role of a public relations officer in communication.
  • Message exchange.
  • Models of communication processes.
  • Overcoming communication barriers.
  • Importance of body language.
  • Definition of effective writing.
  • Use of clear language.
  • Writing memoranda, reports, emails, and messages.
  • Preparing engaging newsletters.
  • Designing and preparing interesting brochures.

Responsibilities of Public Relations:

  • Preserving the identity, image, and reputation of the organization.
  • Benefits of a good reputation for the organization.
  • Internal and external fields.
  • Building an institutional reputation based on community dimensions.

Public Relations and Media:

  • Definition of media.
  • Types of media.
  • Conducting live and recorded interviews.
  • Dealing with media interviews.
  • Public relations and media: tools.
  • Preparing press conferences.
  • Preparing press kits.
  • Preparing press releases.
  • Dealing with the media.
  • Building good relationships with the media.
  • Handling the media during crises.

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking:

  • Key characteristics of an effective speaker.
  • Importance of preparation.
  • Selecting the topic and purpose of the presentation.
  • Analyzing the audience demographics.
  • Practicing public speaking.
  • Dealing with nervousness and managing stress.
  • Verbal characteristics and the language of the eyes.

Role of Public Relations in Promotion:

  • Client selection process.
  • Social responsibility and public relations.
  • Marketing public relations.
  • Role of public relations in marketing.
  • Sponsorship and promotion.
  • Organizing different exhibitions.

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Public Relations and Media Skills

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