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Event and Conference Management

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Event and Conference Management


  • Interactive training techniques and various educational tools are used to enable participants to work effectively and efficiently in a multi-stakeholder environment.
  • The course is based on four educational pillars: conceptual learning (lectures and presentations), role-playing exercises (group exercises), sharing experiences (roundtable discussions), and exposure to real-world problems faced by participants.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify types of events and conferences to implement more effective plans.
  • Organize, evaluate, and motivate various committees involved in event and conference management.
  • Promote events and conferences through step-by-step planning and promotional strategies.
  • Explain the different roles of event and conference management.
  • Prepare and monitor the financial aspects of conferences.
  • Plan and organize different types of exhibitions.
  • Study all activities for evaluation and follow-up of events.

Target Audience:

  • Managers and supervisors involved in event, exhibition, and conference planning or management.
  • Public relations managers and staff.

Program Content:

Planning for Events and Conferences:

  • Definition of events and conferences.
  • Types of events and conferences.
  • Objectives of conferences.
  • Importance and concepts.
  • Setting SMART goals.
  • Preparing a detailed event plan with activities and programs.
  • Venue selection and agreement for events and conferences.

Organizing Events or Conferences:

  • Identifying human resources for event or conference management.
  • Forming various specialized committees.
  • Training/motivating teams responsible for event or conference management.

Promoting Events and Conferences:

  • Marketing events and conferences.
  • Elements that attract participants.
  • Promotion and advertising of events and conferences.
  • Steps required for promoting and marketing events or conferences.
  • Developing a plan for promoting events and conferences.

Various Tasks of Event and Conference Management:

  • Official carrier (airlines).
  • Hotel reservations.
  • Registration process for conferences.
  • Social programs.
  • Public relations and media.

Financial Aspects of Conferences:

  • Preparing the conference budget.
  • Fixed expenses.
  • Variable expenses.
  • Conference revenue.
  • Determining registration fees.
  • Financial committee.

Organizing Exhibitions:

  • Importance of exhibitions and conferences.
  • Goods and services available at the conference.
  • Pricing policy in exhibitions.
  • Exhibition implementation.
  • Promoting the exhibition.
  • Exhibition management.
  • Criteria for selecting exhibitors.
  • Communication with exhibitors.

Monitoring and Evaluating Conference and Event Activities:

  • Monitoring conference or event activities.
  • SMART goals.
  • Key factors in evaluation.
  • Benefits of monitoring.
  • Coordination and monitoring committee.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

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Event and Conference Management

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