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Basics of Business Etiquette and Protocol

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Basics of Business Etiquette and Protocol


This course is designed to be interactive and participatory, incorporating various educational tools to enable participants to work effectively and efficiently in diverse environments. The course will be built upon four educational pillars: conceptual learning (lectures and presentations), role-playing (group exercises), sharing experiences (roundtable discussions), and exposure to real-world problems and policy choices faced by participants.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Act appropriately in both social and business situations.
  • Interact and communicate effectively with different types of guests.
  • Demonstrate personal and professional behavior.
  • Plan visits for VIPs and official events while executing the role of the ideal host.
  • Apply proper communication etiquette.
  • Implement various forms of protocol and etiquette from different cultures, countries, and regions.

Target Audience

Human resources professionals, public relations specialists, event organizers, personal assistants, hospitality staff, and anyone whose work involves dealing and interacting with important individuals in both the public and private sectors.

Program Content

  • Protocol principles and workplace etiquette.
  • Definitions and concepts.
  • Guiding principle.
  • Importance of behavioral etiquette in the workplace.
  • Importance of protocol in the workplace.
  • Why ethics matter?
  • Creating a positive image for the institution.
  • The six core principles.

Successful Communication

  • Levels of communication and definitions.
  • The four communication principles.
  • Elements of the communication process.
  • Aspects of effective communication.
  • Barriers to effective communication.
  • Overcoming communication barriers.
  • Cross-cultural communication.
  • Managing perceptions and biases.
  • Key communication skills.
  • Listening etiquette.

Personal and Professional Behavior

  • Global expectations of behavior.
  • Etiquette for formal occasions.
  • Dealing with difficult personalities.
  • Four options for dealing with different behaviors.
  • International business etiquette.
  • Cultures and customs.
  • Best practices.

Planning for VIP Hosting

  • Preparation for official visits.
  • Protocol in events and conferences.
  • Key qualities of the ideal host.
  • Seating arrangement strategies.
  • Risks and emergency planning.
  • Mistakes to avoid.
  • Meetings at the airport.

Proper Communication Etiquette

  • Phone etiquette.
  • Meeting etiquette.
  • Email etiquette.
  • Titles and salutations.
  • Gift exchange.

Changes in Etiquette and Protocol

  • Administrative protocol.
  • Flags, anthems, and slogans.
  • Embarrassing situations and solutions.
  • Comprehensive overview of differences.

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Basics of Business Etiquette and Protocol

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