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Certificate in Advanced Project Management – Virtual Learning

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Certificate in Advanced Project Management – Virtual Learning


This training course relies on individual and group practical exercises to provide participants with the necessary skills for project management. The course also utilizes case studies, presentations followed by summary discussions, and a test on the first and last day.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify project management frameworks, processes, and tools that align with the Project Management Institute (PMI) standards.
  • Develop project strategies to ensure alignment with the organization’s overall strategy using financial and non-financial models.
  • Design project plans, schedules, and charts, and use various techniques to perform project analysis.
  • Determine different methods for cost estimation, project budgeting, and the ability to conduct cash flow analysis for the project.
  • Manage deviations in time and cost through earned value analysis and develop key performance indicators for the project.
  • Use risk management plans and apply risk response strategies to ensure successful project execution.

Target Audience

This training course targets professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge of how to develop and manage project plans. The course is also designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of time, cost, and risk, along with various techniques used to regain control over projects.

Program Content

  • An overview of project management.
  • Definitions of project management terms.
  • Project management processes.
  • Project life cycle.
  • The impact of organizational structure on project management.
  • Project strategy.
  • Strategic project management versus traditional management.
  • Financial models for project selection.
  • Net Present Value (NPV).
  • Decision tree.
  • Project planning and scheduling.
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) preparation.
  • Duration estimation.
  • Critical Path Method (CPM).
  • Resource planning.
  • Project schedule compression.
  • Other planning techniques:
    • Critical Chain Method.
    • Agile Project Planning.
  • Project budgeting.
  • Cost estimation techniques.
  • Contingency and management reserves.
  • Cost baseline.
  • Project budget.
  • Cash flow analysis.
  • Cost optimization.
  • Project monitoring.
  • Earned Value Methodology.
  • Variance management.
  • Key performance indicators.
  • Dashboards and performance cards.
  • Project risk management.
  • Project risk identification.
  • Qualitative risk analysis.
  • Quantitative risk analysis.
  • Project risk response planning.

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Certificate in Advanced Project Management – Virtual Learning

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