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Professional Development and Succession Planning

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Professional Development and Succession Planning


This course utilizes a combination of interactive training techniques such as lectures, case studies, and group activities. It also provides best practices in the areas of professional development and succession planning, and encourages participants to share institutional experiences to enhance the learning process.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of professional development and succession planning.
  • Differentiate between succession planning and management, replacement planning, talent management, and human capital management.
  • Compare activity-focused human resources to career path-focused human resources.
  • Explain the roles of employees and employers in professional development.
  • Apply innovative initiatives for corporate professional development.
  • Evaluate and implement an effective succession planning program to bridge developmental gaps within an organization.
  • Develop individual development plans and manage career options.

Target Audience

Human resources managers, executive managers, HR partners, team leaders, and specialists.

Program Content

  • Prioritizing individuals
  • Putting names before numbers
  • Employee requirements from their organizations
  • Organizational requirements
  • The talent acquisition war
  • Key priorities in human resources today
  • Breaking the disconnection and performance decline cycle
  • Individual-centric strategy
  • HR activities: traditional activities vs. professional development focus

Fundamentals of Career Path Management and Succession Planning

  • Current jobs: the importance of professional development
  • Defining professional development
  • The process of professional development and its links to human resources
  • Key elements of an integrated professional development system
  • Defining succession planning
  • Main objectives and reasons for establishing and managing succession planning
  • Differentiating between succession planning and replacement planning

Organizational Readiness for Change

  • Promoting a culture of professional development
  • Characteristics of a professional development culture
  • Professional development as a change agent
  • Roles and responsibilities in a professional development culture
  • The role of human resources
  • The role of executive management
  • The role of senior management
  • The role of employees undergoing professional development

Identifying High-Potential Employees

  • Key job positions
  • High-potential employees and professional specialists
  • Assessing individual capabilities
  • Best practices for improving the management of high-potential employees
  • Qualities of high-potential employee identification, development, and retention processes

Professional Development: Tools and Methodologies

  • Competencies: the foundation of professional development
  • Competency frameworks
  • Mentoring: a key managerial function
  • Career counseling: a mandatory system for professional development
  • Career counseling services
  • Internal career path development
  • Conducting a feasibility study for succession planning and management
  • Initiating a succession planning and management program
  • Reviewing the succession program
  • Evaluating current job requirements and individual performance
  • Assessing future job requirements and individual capabilities
  • Bridging the professional development gap: Individual Development Plan (IDP) design

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Professional Development and Succession Planning

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