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Certified Specialist in Training and Development

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Certified Specialist in Training and Development


Participants will learn through practical application, as this course utilizes a number of group exercises and hands-on activities that help participants apply theoretical knowledge in their organizations.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of training strategy by aligning training with strategy and training marketing programs within the organization, collaborating with managers and supervisors.
  • Utilize appropriate methods to conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA).
  • Test suitable methods for selecting internal trainers and engaging external consultants.
  • Describe training success at all levels – from reaction to return on investment.
  • Identify the strategic, tactical, and managerial skills required for the training profession.

Target Audience

Training and development specialists involved in training needs analysis, coordination and organization of training programs, and evaluation of training outcomes.

Program Content Strategic

  • Training Framework: An overview The role of the training department Aligning training efforts with strategy From the deductive to the inductive approach Training marketing within the organization Preparation for training Guidelines for promotional material Training announcement template Collaborating with managers and supervisors Assessing collaboration style Planning, preparing, delivering, and following up with managers and supervisors Roles and responsibilities The role of the training specialist in identifying training needs: Why we identify training needs Training needs identification process Methods of gathering information: quantitative and qualitative Pros and cons of quantitative and qualitative data gathering methods Training needs identification workshop
  • Selection of training experts Qualifications of internal trainers Process of selecting internal trainers Train the trainers Guidelines for internal trainers’ orientation
  • Engaging external consultants or trainers Workbook: Criteria for selecting consultants Evaluation of proposals Reviewing training proposal Evaluation questions in consultant selection interview Monitoring consultant performance at the start, during, and after training
  • Describing training success Lessons for evaluating training The four levels of evaluation Linking training levels to training needs analysis Linking training levels to training objectives Components of comprehensive training objectives Jack Phillips’ Return on Investment (ROI) model Program cost scheduling Calculating return on investment
  • Competencies of a training specialist Defining competency: Borrowing from the iceberg analogy Competency: Components and types Strategic and tactical competencies Management and planning competencies Personal development plan

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Certified Specialist in Training and Development

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