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Certified Specialist in Recruitment and Selection

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Certified Specialist in Recruitment and Selection


This course uses a combination of theoretical study and practical application of concepts. Participants will engage in role-playing exercises and digital simulations to help apply fairness and equality in employee hiring.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the importance of polarization and selection and the role they play in the success of an organization.
  • Identify the key steps to develop an effective recruitment plan and understand the best methods and sources for attracting qualified candidates.
  • Select appropriate techniques for screening and evaluating candidates, considering the reliability and validity of each method.
  • Choose and conduct the most suitable type of selection interviews based on candidate diversity and scenarios.
  • Prepare and conduct structured interviews for any vacant position within the organization.
  • Implement appropriate measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment efforts.

Target Audience

Managers, team leaders, supervisors, administrators, specialists, partners, and HR professionals involved in recruitment and employee selection.

Program Content Recruitment and Selection

  • Recruitment versus selection
  • Roles and responsibilities at each stage
  • Managing relationships with other HR functions

Recruitment Planning and Requirements Definition

  • Identifying the organization’s workforce needs
  • Planning for different stages
  • Roles of department managers
  • Roles of recruitment staff
  • Information collection and categorization
  • Issuing recruitment reports
  • Creating job profiles
  • Using objective and desirable criteria

Candidate Attraction

  • Various sources for attracting candidates
  • Employee referrals
  • Attracting internal candidates
  • Advertising: pros and cons
  • Internet and online platforms
  • Employment agencies and recruitment offices
  • Career fairs and universities

Candidate Screening and Shortlisting

  • Tangible criteria vs. intangible criteria
  • Using resumes and job applications for screening candidates
  • Verifying online job applications

The Art of Candidate Interviewing

  • Screening interviews and resume-related interviews
  • Virtual interviews
  • Panel interviews: pros and cons
  • Competency-based interviews

Candidate Selection

  • Importance of information gathering
  • Objective vs. subjective observations
  • Legal and fairness issues
  • Creating a personal file
  • Criteria to be used
  • Using decision matrices in the selection process
  • Using variance analysis to assess competencies

Measuring Recruitment Efforts

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring recruitment function
  • Response rate to job applications
  • Qualified job applications rate
  • Screening rate
  • Time to fill a vacant position and time to start working
  • Offer acceptance rate

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Certified Specialist in Recruitment and Selection

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