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Certified Human Resources Administrator

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Certified Human Resources Administrator


This training course includes various practical aspects where participants apply theoretical concepts related to communication, professional writing, preparing human resources reports, and employee guidebooks. Additionally, the course covers behavioral indicators for human resources administrators in a practical manner.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of administrators working in the field of human resources within the organizational structure of their institutions.
  • Identify and develop the required competencies for successful human resources administrators.
  • Apply key principles of business writing and report preparation.
  • Issue written human resources correspondences and discuss report templates.
  • Identify the legal documents related to employees and ensure their preservation.
  • Create an employee guidebook specific to their institution.

Target Audience:

Managers and employees working in the field of human resources who wish to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills related to human resources management.

Program Content:

  1. The role of human resources administrators in institutions.
  2. Key roles and responsibilities of administrators working in the field of human resources.
  3. Overview of the job description for a human resources administrator.
  4. The position of a human resources administrator in the human resources department.
  5. Professional qualifications as a competitive advantage.
  6. Competencies of successful human resources administrators.
    • Technical competencies.
    • Behavioral competencies.
  7. Assessing and developing your competencies.
  8. Evolution of the role of a human resources administrator.
  9. Human resources and communication.
    • Definition of communication.
    • Communication in human resources departments.
    • Characteristics of effective communication in human resources departments.
    • Questioning techniques.
    • Listening and empathy.
    • Interviewing techniques:
      • STAR technique.
      • FACT technique.
      • Survey questions technique.
      • Guiding questions technique.
  10. Fundamentals of public speaking.

Professional Communication and Report Preparation in Human Resources Departments:

  • Basics of professional writing.
  • Writing human resources reports.
  • Common writing mistakes in human resources correspondences and reports.
  • Examples of human resources reports and correspondences.

Human Resources Measurement and Reporting:

  • Terminology and research techniques.
  • Most commonly used human resources metrics.
  • Calculating human resources metrics.
  • Recruitment metrics.
  • Employee retention metrics.
  • Compensation and benefits metrics.
  • Training and development metrics.

Documentation of Employee Files and Record Keeping:

  • Purpose and importance of record keeping.
  • Employee files: Necessary legal documents to be preserved.
  • Preparation of orientation materials: Documents to be provided to new employees.
  • Policies, procedures, and work rules.
  • Preparation of the employee guidebook for the institution.
  • Purpose of the employee guidebook.
  • Sections of the employee guidebook.
  • Employee guidebook preparation process.
  • Workshop: Drafting an employee guidebook.

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Certified Human Resources Administrator

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