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Effective Techniques in Report Preparation and Business Data Analysis

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Effective Techniques in Report Preparation and

Business Data Analysis


This training course is divided into 20% theoretical content on design and data structures, while 80% of the training course focuses on how to use Excel as a tool for Business Intelligence applications. The course incorporates individual and group exercises, case studies, and projects.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate skills in using Excel to perform all tasks related to data collection, analysis, processing, and modeling.
  • Process, merge, and use data in report preparation and analysis.
  • Develop Business Intelligence models, dashboards, scorecards, and report management by linking Excel with different databases such as Access, the internet, texts, and various databases.
  • Create advanced reports based on dynamic presentation methods.
  • Utilize several tips to enhance and improve institutional processes.

Target Audience:

The training course targets professionals, analysts, researchers, marketing and sales experts, human resources and information technology managers, administrative staff, supervisors, and employees responsible for data processing, analysis, report preparation, and decision-making.

Program Content:

  • Data analysis techniques and tools.
  • Data integration from multiple files and sources.
  • Data validation and review using lists, dates, and other properties.
  • Advanced row functions.
  • Cell management tools: left, right, mid, concatenate, value.
  • Cell naming, editing, and management, as well as ranges.
  • Different functions and formulas: Subtotal, sumif, sumifs, sumproduct, count, countif, countifs.
  • Data and text lookup using the vlookup formula.
  • Different table techniques and tools.
  • Data breakdown into dates, names, weeks, week numbers, and month names.
  • Text conversion into columns, data trimming, modification using the trim, len formula.
  • Text and number management using the replace, find, and substitute formulas.
  • Text manipulation operations.
  • Mastering report data preparation: 20 rules to know when using pivot table tools.
  • Creating pivot tables.
  • Number formatting techniques.
  • Designing report formats.
  • Sorting/arranging in ascending or descending order and other options.
  • Filtering values and labels.
  • Expanding and collapsing fields.
  • Selecting to show details.
  • Summarizing values by sum, average, minimum, maximum, count.
  • Displaying values as a percentage of the grand total or other options.
  • Pivot table options.
  • Entering equations and inserting calculated fields.
  • Date analysis.
  • Copying pivot tables.
  • Creating pivot charts.
  • Dynamically labeling chart titles.
  • Inserting a slicer display.
  • Showing report filter pages.
  • Linking pivot tables to charts and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Conditional formatting of pivot tables.
  • Designing reports using the getpivotdata feature.
  • Data linking and modeling.
  • Increase and decrease spinner buttons.
  • Checkbox management using the If formula.
  • Option button control.
  • Data modeling with list boxes.
  • Scenario management.
  • Linking Excel with text files.
  • Linking Excel with database programs (Access).
  • Linking Excel with database programs (SQL).
  • Linking Excel with the internet.
  • Linking Excel with other Excel files.
  • Visualization techniques, chart and graphic design.
  • Using the camera tool.
  • Working with charts designed from data formulas.
  • Adding symbols and shapes.
  • Dealing with sparklines.
  • Creating non-traditional charts.
  • Tips and tricks.
  • Monitoring and protecting reports and files.
  • Data entry forms.
  • Customized lists.
  • Converting text to speech.
  • Advanced conditional formatting.
  • Daily work shortcuts.

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Effective Techniques in Report Preparation and Business Data Analysis

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