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Certified Business Analyst Specialist

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Certified Business Analyst Specialist


This training course employs a diverse range of interactive methods, such as case studies that demonstrate problem-solving skills and analytical thinking. In addition to these exercises, the training course includes individual summaries, group discussions, role-playing, and presentations.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the research and analytical principles in business environments.
  • Apply strategic thinking to analyze the current work environment.
  • Structure and break down problems into separate components.
  • Develop an action plan that prioritizes resources and focuses team efforts.
  • Identify the appropriate sources of data through research and expert interviews.
  • Analyze and interpret complex data.
  • Create and modify Pivot Tables for effective data analysis.
  • Gather and structure data to reach conclusions and communicate about them.
  • Develop a narrative within a framework and present it to leadership.
  • Present findings to team members and senior management.

Target Audience

This training course targets project managers and advanced professional analysts who are involved in research, analysis, and investigation of problems and issues related to the organizations they work in.

Program Content

  • Overview of the professional analyst role.
  • Business analyst work system.
  • Business analyst as an internal consultant.
  • Effective data collection.
  • Overview of problem-solving methodologies.
  • Finding creative solutions.
  • Intelligence vs. creativity.
  • Making effective decisions.
  • Choosing among different alternatives.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Overview of strategic thinking concept.
  • The three fundamental strategic questions.
  • Strategy and seeking competitive advantage.
  • The importance of strategy.
  • Five forces analysis.
  • Creating and capturing value.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Fundamentals of the PEDESTL framework.

Problem Structuring

  • The importance of structuring.
  • Accurately defining the problem.
  • Using problem description.
  • Breaking down the problem into controllable parts.
  • Using logic trees in problem-solving.
  • Prioritization and planning.
  • The importance of work prioritization.
  • Eliminating unnecessary aspects.
  • Using the 80:20 Pareto principle.
  • Prioritization methodologies.
  • Using the prioritization matrix.
  • Developing practical project plans.
  • Creating an effective action plan.

Performing Analyses

  • Obtaining accurate data.
  • Types of research.
  • Developing primary research.
  • Developing secondary research.
  • Using Pivot Tables for analysis.
  • Introduction to Pivot Table uses.
  • Modifying Pivot Tables according to desired characteristics.
  • Using Pivot Tables for calculations.
  • Creating calculated fields.
  • Creating calculated items.
  • Using cell references and naming ranges.
  • Managing Pivot Table accounts.

Communication and Presentation

  • Transforming data into results.
  • Delivering effective arguments.
  • Communicating results through storytelling.
  • Elements of storytelling.
  • Designing impactful presentations.
  • Presenting to senior management.

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Certified Business Analyst Specialist

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