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Multi-task management, prioritization, and meeting deadlines.

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Multi-task management, prioritization, and meeting deadlines.


This course utilizes self-assessment, extensive case studies, and promotes healthy discussions about the importance of multi-task management, prioritization, and meeting deadlines. Participants will benefit from the section covering work challenges related to handling tasks, priorities, and meeting deadlines. They will acquire skills in dealing with conflicts that may arise as a result. Interactive group exercises will be used to present the participants’ findings and provide feedback.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Establish a solid foundation for effectively managing tasks and self-management.
  • Plan and manage tasks and work-related constraints.
  • Describe task priorities and related activities, and learn how to handle associated pressures.
  • Influence others and improve task outcomes through personal and practical skills.
  • Professionally handle task-related changes and behaviors.

Target Audience

This professional program targets individuals from all industries who want to acquire the essential skills to create and develop an effective work system and environment. It is designed for team leaders, supervisors, managers, and department heads who seek to improve their personal productivity or those working with them, whether in a project or within a department. The course primarily provides a solid foundation for those aiming for a supervisory or managerial role as the next step in their professional careers.

Program Content

  • Introduction to task management in the work environment.
  • The role of self-management in task management.
  • The contextual perspective of task management.
  • The lifecycle of tasks.
  • The fundamental principles behind every task.
  • Task management and the work environment.
  • The organizational perspective of task accomplishments.
  • Building value in every task.
  • The impact of strategic management on task management.
  • The influence of the organizational structure on task management.
  • Task management and the importance of planning.
  • Management functions and their impact on tasks.
  • The skills required for task management and leadership.
  • Dealing with significant constraints.
  • Goals, objectives, and tasks.
  • From SMART goals to SMART tasks.
  • Integrating domains, work rules, and management plans in task assignment.
  • Task management and stakeholders.
  • Task management and risks.
  • Setting priorities and establishing deadlines.
  • Assessment of our handling of tasks.
  • Linking task management to the work environment.
  • Planning, scheduling, and meeting deadlines.
  • Task management and prioritization.
  • Effective management of meetings, emails, and work interruptions.
  • Task listing and priority management.
  • Dealing with time wasters, procrastination, and urgent requests.
  • Tasks and empowerment.
  • Task management and work pressures.
  • Dealing with people while performing tasks within tight time frames.
  • Required skills when seeking assistance.
  • The four essential elements of proper delegation.
  • Working effectively with others.
  • Personal skills and task accomplishment.
  • The impact of work style on task accomplishment.
  • Flexibility and the ability to perform multiple tasks.
  • Improving task productivity.
  • Task management and change.
  • Techniques for learning and improving tasks.
  • Communication during task changes or outcomes.
  • Understanding employee behaviors when dealing with change.
  • The importance of functional alignment and task ownership.
  • Dealing with resistance to change.
  • Necessary techniques for managing change related to task performance.
  • Personal plans and self-management.

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Multi-task management, prioritization, and meeting deadlines.

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