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Designing and Delivering Presentations

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Designing and Delivering Presentations


  • Interactive training techniques including brief presentations by the instructor and participants
  • Role-playing exercises and improvisation
  • Opportunities for participants to watch and review their recorded presentations
  • Individual and group feedback

Course Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the main reasons for boring and ineffective presentations and overcome them
  • Plan, prepare, and deliver successful and effective presentations using an organized and simple approach
  • Build presentations using the three important pillars
  • Demonstrate proper verbal and non-verbal communication skills in effective presentations
  • Identify the main reasons for public speaking anxiety and learn strategies to overcome it
  • Study the verbal and non-verbal communication characteristics necessary for delivering outstanding presentations
  • Use common visual aids to enhance the attractiveness of presentations

Target Audience:

All employees who want to significantly improve their presentation skills using a practical and effective approach. This course is beneficial for employees who deliver sales presentations, business development presentations, or regular presentations to top management.

Program Content:

  • Introduction to presenting and presentations
  • Common reasons for ineffective presentations
  • Characteristics of effective presentations
  • Importance of preparation
  • Dealing with common presentation challenges

Preparing the Presentation:

  • Gathering initial data
  • Sources of data and presentation content
  • Selecting relevant information
  • Time allocation
  • Structuring the presentation
  • Balancing style and support

Structure of an Effective Presentation:

  • Capturing audience attention in the opening
  • Including a summary in the presentation
  • Presenting key points effectively
  • Applying the rule of three
  • Summarizing before concluding

Non-Verbal Communication in Presentations:

  • Body language (hands, legs, eyes)
  • Effective body postures and movements
  • Vocal characteristics and avoiding clichés
  • Dress code and appearance guidelines

Public Speaking Anxiety:

  • Understanding reasons for nervousness
  • Dealing with anxiety through immediate and long-term solutions
  • Learning from successful presenters

Visual Illustration Tools:

  • Using tools to enhance visual impact
  • Distributing materials effectively
  • Utilizing whiteboards, illustrations, and images
  • Understanding PowerPoint best practices

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Designing and Delivering Presentations

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