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Creative Thinking and Innovation Techniques

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Creative Thinking and Innovation Techniques


This course utilizes a combination of interactive techniques, such as brief presentations by the facilitator, self-assessment tests, practical exercises on innovation techniques and lateral thinking, as well as case studies and videos.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Harness their creative and innovative abilities
  • Apply creative thinking skills and methods in their work or personal lives
  • Employ a variety of creative thinking strategies in the workplace
  • Practice unconventional thinking through “thinking outside the box” and using mind maps, visual memory, and more
  • Create a fun work environment that enhances individual and organizational creativity

Target Audience:

Supervisors, managers, team leaders, project managers, and all individuals who need to adopt a more creative approach in their work, whether in problem-solving, making changes, or dealing with institutional issues in unconventional ways.

Program Content:

  • Introduction to creativity
  • Creativity and civilization
  • Defining invention, innovation, and creativity
  • Pillars of creativity
  • Creativity versus intelligence and madness
  • Understanding the left and right brain hemispheres
  • Lateral thinking and its applications

Creativity as a Work Tool:

  • Traits of a creative thinker
  • Barriers to creativity
  • The three potentials of creativity
  • Factors influencing individual creativity in an organization
  • Innovation and organizational culture
  • Case studies of Google and 3M
  • The five creative methods
  • Overcoming obstacles techniques
  • Workplace tips: developing a culture of creativity, problem exploration, idea generation and evaluation
  • Critical thinking versus creative thinking

Exploring the Idea Generation Process:

  • Brainstorming and its types
  • Ten techniques to kill creative ideas
  • Six Thinking Hats for problem-solving
  • Edward de Bono’s four thinking styles

Creative Thinking Strategies:

  • Some theories of creativity
  • Creative tools
  • Synectics
  • Photographic memory and biomimicry
  • Mind maps
  • TRIZ
  • The power of reverse thinking

Obstacles to Creativity in Problem Solving:

  • Stages of creative problem-solving and decision-making
  • Problem analysis
  • Steps for creative problem-solving
  • Obstacles to decision-making
  • Tips for using creative thinking

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Creative Thinking and Innovation Techniques

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