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Certified Sales Manager

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Certified Sales Manager


  • Utilizes various case studies and diverse exercises to develop a consistent approach in sales team management.
  • Includes group presentations and self-assessment tools to create a common language around key sales management competencies.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define sales management and its crucial functions, using this knowledge to improve performance and avoid common mistakes made by beginners.
  • Develop sales strategies, organize sales territories, and use different forecasting models to enhance sales outcomes.
  • Form and manage an efficient sales team capable of delivering effective and sustainable results.
  • Utilize leadership abilities and team formation to motivate team members, improve sales revenue, and retain sales staff.
  • Conduct sales performance reviews to evaluate individual performance and contribute to overall sales results.

Target Audience:

This training course is ideal for sales managers and supervisors who want to enhance the overall performance of their teams, sales productivity, and profitability. It also provides significant benefits to managers who aim to improve the value they provide to sales employees and organizations. Additionally, this course is valuable for new sales professionals or those considering a move to a managerial position.

Program Content:

  1. Introduction to sales management and its functions.
  • Definition of sales management.
  • Functions of sales management.
  • Personal selling in the marketing mix.
  • Responsibilities and primary role of a sales manager.
  • Key traits of successful sales managers.
  • Costly mistakes commonly made by sales managers.
  1. Sales planning and operational sales processes.
  • Basics of sales planning.
  • Formulating sales strategies.
  • Sales forecasting techniques.
  • Organizing the sales team.
  • Structuring and allocating sales territories.
  • Best practices in key account management (KAM).
  1. Core competencies in sales management.
  • Recruiting sales employees.
  • Attracting and hiring a sales team.
  • Determining the number of sales personnel.
  • Training and guiding the sales team.
  • Developing and implementing sales training programs.
  • Field training process.
  1. Team leadership and motivation.
  • Team development.
  • Stages of team development.
  • Training sales staff for optimal performance.
  • Defining sales team direction.
  • Guiding and coaching the sales team.
  • Principles and skills of leadership.
  • Situational leadership.
  • Principles and practical guidelines for motivation.
  1. Sales performance management.
  • Definition and benefits of performance evaluation.
  • Importance of setting standards.
  • Types of standards: comparative standards.
  • Characteristics of an effective sales evaluation system.
  • Sales evaluation models.

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Certified Sales Manager

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