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Certified Business Development Specialist

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Certified Business Development Specialist


  • Includes a diverse range of case studies and exercises to develop the appropriate skills necessary to become a successful business development specialist.
  • Covers presentation skills and self-assessment tools.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify key functions and best practices in business development (BD).
  • Understand the importance of business planning to align with market requirements and customers.
  • Utilize negotiation skills to create clear differentiators in sales and marketing and neutralize competition.
  • Build and lead a high-performance business development team to effectively seize business opportunities.
  • Write effective proposals aimed at business growth and improving sales outcomes.

Target Audience:

  • Sales representatives, sales supervisors, managers, and customer account managers who want to professionally develop themselves by leveraging business opportunities and enhancing their management and skills.
  • This course also targets professionals who face challenges with potential clients that can support their performance and job functions.

Program Content:

  1. Business Development: Overview and Best Practices
  • Introduction and scope of business development.
  • Overview of customer account analysis and efficiency.
  • Understanding the buying and selling ladder model.
  • Understanding customers and gaining their loyalty.
  • Building relationships with customers using the F.O.R.M model.
  1. Business Planning Methodology
  • Using the STAR methodology for business planning.
  • Strategic analysis.
  • Targets and objectives.
  • Activities.
  • Reality check.
  • Conducting customer surveys.
  • Developing a customer account development plan.
  • Developing and implementing key performance indicators.
  1. Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Definition of negotiation.
  • Some negotiation schools.
  • Difference between persuasion and negotiation.
  • The five stages of the negotiation process.
  • Important rules in the negotiation process.
  • Negotiation during the sales process.
  • Stages of the purchase decision-making process.
  • Workshop: Completing the negotiation plan.
  1. Building and Leading a Business Development Team
  • Team formation stages.
  • Defining team roles.
  • Principles and concepts of leadership.
  • Five practices of exemplary leadersĀ®.
  • The mix of motivating factors for the team.
  1. Writing Effective Proposals
  • Writing typical proposals.
  • Tips on formatting and writing effective proposals.
  • Successful proposal preparation process.
  • Workshop: Writing your own proposal.

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Certified Business Development Specialist

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