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Warehouse Operations and Management

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Warehouse Operations and Management


  • Interactive training techniques such as questionnaires, case studies, team exercises, group discussions, and video presentations are used in this course.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the challenges, goals, and functions of warehouses.
  • Perform inventory classification and periodic statistics.
  • Measure the accuracy of inventory records.
  • Describe different forms of storage and material handling systems.
  • Improve supervisory skills and efficiently handle warehouse employee issues.
  • Develop better management and safety skills within the warehouse.
  • Measure warehouse productivity using appropriate performance indicators.
  • Conduct a scientific audit of the warehouse.

Target Audience:

  • Warehouse employees at the operational or supervisory level.
  • This course is also suitable for any employee interested in understanding the interaction process between warehouse management functions and other material management processes (purchasing, inventory control, and distribution).

Program Content:

  • Introduction to warehouse management.
  • Objectives of warehouse management.
  • Modern warehouses.
  • Storage cycle.
  • Problems and challenges of warehouse management.
  • Warehouse management and inventory costs.
  • Customer service in warehouse management.

Inventory Classification and Accuracy of Warehouse Records:

  • Types of inventory.
  • Classification according to the ABC system.
  • Uses of ABC classification.
  • Accuracy of inventory records.
  • Causes of inventory accuracy issues.
  • Perpetual and periodic inventory.
  • Systems and methodologies of inventory.
  • Knowing what is inside the warehouse.
  • Knowing the quantity of what is inside the warehouse.

Storage Systems and Material Handling:

  • Warehouse layout.
  • Warehouse size and shape.
  • Storage utilization and organization.
  • Types of storage systems.
  • Fixed location vs random location.
  • Material handling equipment.
  • Checklist for material handling equipment.
  • Improving material receiving, issuing, and handling processes.

Dealing with Warehouse Employee Issues:

  • Key roles of the warehouse manager.
  • Warehouse employee management issues.
  • Corrective guidance methods.
  • Qualities of a good warehouse employee.
  • Motivating warehouse employees.

Safety in the Warehouse:

  • Management and safety in the warehouse environment.
  • Identifying safety risks.
  • Unsafe behaviors and conditions.
  • Causes of damage.
  • Safety planning.

Productivity in the Warehouse:

  • Definition of productivity.
  • Causes of time waste.
  • Key performance indicators for the warehouse.
  • Objectives of warehouse auditing.
  • Audit elements.
  • Steps to follow before, during, and after the auditing process.

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Warehouse Operations and Management

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