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Supply Chain Operations and Continuity Principles and Sustainability

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Supply Chain Operations and Continuity Principles and Sustainability


  • Individual and group exercises, case studies, games, videos, and professional discussions are used in this training course.

Course Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the fundamentals of supply chain management that ensure the continuity and sustainability of operational processes.
  • Describe supply chain design practices to achieve optimal performance levels.
  • Engage in continuity planning and disruption management in supply chains.
  • Develop strategies to engage stakeholders in improving supply flow resilience.
  • Follow effective practices in professional ethics, sustainability, and responsibility as the foundation for strong supply chains.

Target Audience:

This training course targets supply chain management professionals in various roles, including planning, procurement management, warehousing, transportation, logistics, and inventory management.

Program Content:

  1. Characteristics of strong supply chains.
  2. Overview of supply chains.
  3. Objectives of supply chains.
  4. Strategic, tactical, and operational elements of supply chains.
  5. The impact of supply chains on society and the environment.
  6. Defining “strength” and “resilience” in supply chains.
  7. Supply planning and operational processes.
  8. Fit-for-purpose design.
  9. Flexibility in response to change.
  10. Aligning supply chains with company strategy.
  11. Stakeholder relationships.
  12. Strong principles guiding decision-making processes.

Principles of Flexible Supply Chain Design:

  • Individual competencies in supply chain management.
  • Talent attraction and recruitment.
  • Competency development.
  • Talent retention.
  • Process design for production enhancement in execution.
  • Supporting technological means.
  • Systems.
  • Essential data analytics.
  • Performance measurement and improvement.
  • Principles of product and service design for operational processes.

Planning for Supply Continuity:

  • Introduction to continuity planning and risk management.
  • Overview of continuity planning and risk management processes.
  • Concepts and terminologies of risk management.
  • Identifying the scope of supply chain risks.
  • Contracts and risk management documents.
  • Risk management models.
  • Operational processes for risk management.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Measuring the impacts of risks.
  • Assessing the likelihood of risks.
  • Quantifying risks.
  • Risk management plan (risk heat maps).
  • Response strategies to risks.
  • Acceptance, rejection, and transfer.
  • Risk mitigation and emergency planning.
  • Risk contract management.
  • Elements of risk contracts.
  • Risk ownership.
  • Defining responsibilities and accountability in risk management.
  • Continuous contract updates.
  • Monitoring and controlling supply chain risk management.
  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • Identifying key stakeholders.
  • Supplier classification.
  • Demand partners.
  • Internal stakeholders and influencers.
  • Developing a communication plan.
  • Scope and clarity of the message.
  • Identifying stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder plan.
  • Tailored messages.
  • Role distribution.
  • Change management.
  • Technical elements of change (Logos).
  • Political elements of change (Ethos).
  • Emotional elements of change (Pathos).

Ethical Principles as an Aspect of Strength:

  • Ethical rules.
  • Organizational culture and risk acceptance.
  • Cultural considerations.
  • Ethical considerations.
  • Legal considerations.
  • Sustainability in supply chains.
  • Financial sustainability.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Social sustainability.
  • Responsibility programs at different supply levels.

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Supply Chain Operations and Continuity Principles and Sustainability

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