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Certified Specialist in Purchasing Management

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Certified Specialist in Purchasing Management


  • Interactive training methodologies such as case studies, individual and group exercises, and questionnaires are used in this course.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the important organizational role of the purchasing department.
  • Use appropriate negotiation techniques with suppliers.
  • Evaluate the overall performance of the purchasing management department.
  • Select the best suppliers for purchasing operations.
  • Apply the latest innovative techniques in purchasing management.

Target Audience:

This training course targets managers and employees of purchasing departments and all staff responsible for managing procurement and supply chain operations.

Program Content:

  • The role of purchasing management.
  • Total value analysis.
  • Linking purchasing operations to the corporate strategy.
  • Maximizing purchasing productivity.
  • Proper procurement of materials.
  • Proper procurement of services.
  • Proper procurement of essential equipment.
  • Accelerating the production of the final product.
  • Linking the purchasing process to other supply chain operations.

Negotiating with Suppliers:

  • Traits of a successful negotiator.
  • Proper planning strategies.
  • Preparing the right set of questions.
  • What to do before negotiations.
  • What to do during negotiations.
  • What to do after negotiations.
  • Timing the negotiations with suppliers.
  • Number of suppliers to negotiate with.
  • Selecting the right supplier.

Managing and Evaluating Department Performance:

  • Centralized management vs decentralized management.
  • Advantages of centralized management for the purchasing department.
  • Advantages of decentralized management for the purchasing department.
  • Reasons for evaluating the performance of the purchasing management department.
  • Forming an effective team for the purchasing department.
  • Proper distribution of procurement operations among buyers.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of buyers.
  • Boosting morale for the members of the purchasing department team.
  • Designing and conducting internal customer surveys.

Training Purchasing Department Employees:

  • Technical training on purchasing resources that enhance productivity.
  • Number of annual training hours.
  • Visiting suppliers’ factories as a training tool.
  • Visiting suppliers’ warehouses as a training tool.
  • Course of goods as a training tool.
  • Continuous professional development.
  • Training on ethical behaviors.

Kaizen and Continuous Improvement in Purchasing Management:

  • Innovative purchasing methodologies.
  • Applying creative ideas in managing purchasing operations.
  • Improvement initiatives.
  • Monitoring global market conditions.
  • Updating key performance indicators for the purchasing department.
  • Determining the right number of key performance indicators for the purchasing department.
  • Adding corporate value.

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Certified Specialist in Purchasing Management

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