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Leadership Challenge Workshop

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Leadership Challenge Workshop


  • Based on experiential activities, specific exercises, problem-solving tasks in a team spirit, and delivering presentations.
  • Participants will engage in practical training through the application of the “Five Practices” model of personal leadership.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze leadership patterns and characteristics, and use this knowledge to identify their leadership strengths and weaknesses.
  • Model the way for others by exemplifying shared values and beliefs.
  • Articulate their vision of the future and inspire others to share this common vision.
  • Challenge the status quo and find opportunities for change and improvement through innovative ideas and learning from accompanying mistakes.
  • Empower others to act and make decisions through building collaboration and teamwork, as well as enhancing others’ ability to excel.
  • Recognize others’ achievements by showing appreciation and celebrating their accomplishments.
  • Apply lessons learned from best practices of exemplary leaders at the local, regional, and global levels.

Target Audience:

Professionals who contribute to leading their organizations, such as managers, assistant managers, leaders involved in change efforts, or senior leaders who may be placed in change agent positions.

Program Content:

  • Evolution of leadership
  • Leadership in organizations
  • Definition of leadership
  • Leadership and authority
  • Leadership and management
  • Principles of leadership
  • Historical overview of leadership
  • Historical leaders vs modern-day leaders
  • Introduction to the Posner and Kouzes model

Practice 1 – Modeling the Way:

  • Finding your voice by clarifying personal values
  • Setting an example by aligning actions with shared values
  • Charting your course
  • Being an inspiring role model
  • Influencing others’ perspectives

Practice 2 – Inspiring a Shared Vision:

  • Envisioning the future through vivid imaginations and big possibilities
  • Engaging others in a shared vision through appealing to shared aspirations
  • Choosing your vision
  • Communicating your vision
  • Identifying the benefits of others

Practice 3 – Challenging the Process:

  • Seeking opportunities for innovative ways to change, grow, and improve
  • Experimenting and taking risks by persisting in making small gains and learning from mistakes
  • Developing your internal innovation
  • Seeing opportunities for improvement
  • Applying pressure for change

Practice 4 – Enabling Others to Act:

  • Encouraging collaboration by fostering cooperative goals and building trust
  • Strengthening others’ commitment by involving them in power and freedom to act
  • Encouraging others’ development
  • Enforcing mutual respect
  • The importance of trust

Practice 5 – Encouraging the Heart:

  • Recognizing contributions by showing appreciation for individual excellence
  • Celebrating values and victories by creating a sense of community
  • Sharing rewards
  • Celebrating accomplishments
  • Making celebration part of the organizational culture

Misconceptions about leadership and examples of best practices:

  • The Leader Who Had No Title (Robin Sharma)
  • The Secret (Ken Blanchard, Mark Miller)
  • My Vision: Challenges in the Race for Excellence (His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum)
  • Petraeus on Leadership (General D. Petraeus)
  • Workshop: Presentation on lessons learned.

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Leadership Challenge Workshop

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