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Leadership and Change Management

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Leadership and Change Management


  • The course heavily relies on analyzing aspects of change and examining potential problems that may be encountered in such situations.
  • The process begins by forming work teams to develop a strategic plan for change management and implementing it using the knowledge and techniques learned in the course.
  • Participants also have the opportunity to listen to change leaders and their successful experiences in change management.
  • Participants undergo various assessments and exercises related to change resistance, its effects, and how to deal with them.

Course Objectives:

  • Anticipate and effectively deal with change.
  • Connect leadership and change with available models and utilize this relationship for proper planning of upcoming changes.
  • Interact with change resistance and find ways to minimize or overcome such fears in order to achieve desired goals.
  • Plan and execute change-related communication processes in a way that contributes to success.
  • Deal with imposed constraints from existing cultures and help find effective ways to reduce or overcome them professionally.

Target Audience:

  • Change managers, business development specialists, change management team members, reorganization and integration coordinators, organizational change implementers, and individuals interested in learning how to manage change.

Program Content:

  • Understanding, planning, and managing change.
  • Definition of change and change management.
  • Definition of organizational change.
  • Nature of organizational change.
  • Causes and challenges.
  • Categorizing organizational change:
    • Adaptive.
    • Innovative.
    • Radical.
  • Change diagnosis.
  • Change equation.
  • Importance of organizational frameworks for change.
  • Change communication.
  • Change agents and transformation.
  • Types and competencies of change agents.
  • Change management and stakeholder analysis.

Models and Strategies for Change Management and Leadership:

  • Organizational leadership and change.
  • Administrative adaptation to change situations.
  • Assessing the need for change.
  • Preparation and planning for change.
  • The eight steps of the Kotter model.

Understanding and Dealing with Change Resistance:

  • Individuals and organizational change.
  • Why individuals resist change?
  • Forms of change resistance and ways to deal with them.
  • Individual factors versus collective factors.
  • Stages of individuals’ adaptation to organizational change.
  • SARAH model.
  • Managing the transitional stage of change.
  • Managing change resistance and associated emotions.
  • Managing risks associated with organizational change.
  • Identifying, evaluating, and managing risks.
  • Probability table for occurrence and impact of risks.

Communication Plan for Change:

  • Importance of developing a change communication plan.
  • What individuals want to hear and what they need to see.
  • Components of an effective plan for announcing and communicating change.
  • What is allowed and not allowed in change communication.

Key Factors in Organizational Change:

  • Understanding change from the perspective of organizational culture.
  • Components of organizational culture.
  • Forms of cultural change in organizations.
  • Common mistakes in dealing with current culture change.
  • 20 steps to support change in organizational culture.

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Leadership and Change Management

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