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Key Management Skills for New Managers and Supervisors

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Key Management Skills for New Managers and Supervisors


This course utilizes a combination of training techniques such as exercises, lectures, presentations, case studies, and role-playing exercises. Relevant videos related to the course topics are also presented and discussed.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Discover their roles as new managers or supervisors
  • Apply different leadership styles to effectively guide and motivate their employees
  • Empower employees through motivation and delegation
  • Form and manage successful teams
  • Manage self, time, and pressure in a challenging work environment
  • Apply new tools to improve decision-making and problem-solving processes

Target Audience:

New managers and supervisors, potential managers and supervisors, experienced managers and supervisors seeking to enhance their work skills.

Training Program Content:

  1. Responsibilities of New Managers
  2. Why Most New Managers and Supervisors Fail
  3. Management in the New Competitive World
  4. Managing for Competitive Advantage
  5. Roles and Responsibilities
  6. The Four Functions and Ten Roles of Management
  7. Required Skills for Different Management Levels
  8. Common Mistakes Made by New Managers and Supervisors
  9. Teams and Leadership
  10. Differences between Group Work and Teamwork
  11. What Makes a Team?
  12. How a Team Can Fail
  13. Characteristics of High-Performing Teams
  14. Stages of Team Formation
  15. Team Dynamics and Team Building
  16. Situational Leadership and Its Application to Team Leadership
  17. Current Trends and Issues
  18. Mastering the Art of Motivation
  19. What Is Motivation?
  20. Misconceptions about Motivation
  21. Key Theories
  22. Current Trends and Issues
  23. Suggestions for Managers
  24. Delegation
  25. What Is Delegation and Why Is It Done?
  26. Numerous Reasons for Ineffective Delegation
  27. Steps for Effective Delegation
  28. Empowering and Motivating Employees through Delegation
  29. Guidelines for Delegation
  30. Time Management and Work Pressure
  31. Defining Time Management
  32. Identifying Time Wasters Using a Daily Task Log
  33. Dealing with Time Wasters and Managing Them
  34. Effective Planning
  35. Using the Priority Matrix and Task Lists
  36. Defining Work Pressure
  37. Causes and Symptoms of Work Pressure
  38. Methods and Techniques for Managing Work Pressure
  39. Decision Making and Problem Solving
  40. Tools and Techniques
  41. The Traditional Approach to Problem Solving
  42. The Helicopter Approach
  43. Ishikawa Technique
  44. How-How Technique
  45. Guidelines for Brainstorming Techniques

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Key Management Skills for New Managers and Supervisors

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