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Executive Leadership Program

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Executive Leadership Program


  • High interactive approach
  • Focuses on executive issues
  • Enables participants to apply strategic thinking, decision-making, and analytical skills

Course Objectives:

  • Evaluate personal leadership capabilities and compare them with global leaders
  • Influence organizational culture through increased engagement and employee involvement
  • Apply vital executive skills through a comprehensive set of responsibilities
  • Assess workplace disruptions and leverage available opportunities to maintain competitive advantage
  • Develop a personalized executive agenda to enhance performance on personal and professional levels

Target Audience:

  • Senior executives aiming to refine and develop leadership skills in a global and competitive environment
  • Starts with an assessment of leadership skills and designed to deepen participants’ understanding of essential business concepts
  • Helps executives elevate their organization’s performance to a higher level

Program Content:

Executive Director – Internal Perspective

  • Comparing global and local leadership
  • Successful executive competencies
  • Behavioral competencies
  • Functional competencies
  • Levels of executive leadership
  • Discussion on the fifth level of leadership by Jim Collins
  • Discussion on leadership styles
  • Ethics of leadership
  • Interpreting ethics
  • Practicing ethics
  • Building an ethical framework
  • Leadership mindset and self-awareness

Executive Director – External Perspective

  • Senior management perspective
  • Engaging the organization
  • Influencing culture
  • Building structure
  • Employee engagement
  • Market interaction
  • Dealing with new market realities
  • Understanding the new consumer
  • Building partnerships and alliances
  • Importance of collaboration in the job market
  • Dealing with competition – how well do you know it?

From Strategy to Value Creation

  • Strategic intelligence
  • Leading operational agility
  • Knowing your numbers – where to start
  • Mastering accurate business forecasts
  • Reviewing key financial data
  • Reviewing measures and key performance indicators – focusing on employee-relevant aspects
  • Enhancing decision-making skills in challenging professional situations
  • Value addition: Three ways executives must know
  • Clayton Christensen’s approach

Managing Market Variables

  • From intermittent change to continuous disruptions – the law of perpetual transformation
  • Executive challenge: Balancing stability and flexibility
  • Agility and skill across the organization
  • Risk management and alternative thinking

Executive’s Agenda

  • 5 things you must consistently do
  • 4 strategic elements that should be on your agenda
  • Guidance, training, and professional relationship building
  • Self-development and personal well-being

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Executive Leadership Program

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