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Employee Engagement Practices and Strategies

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Employee Engagement Practices and Strategies


  • Interactive training methods such as lectures, case studies, discussions, group activities, experience sharing, and short video clips about successful institutions in managing and enhancing employee engagement and interaction.

Course Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • Focus on the value of employee engagement and interaction for the organization and clarify it.
  • Benefit from lessons of ABC engagement models (expectations, behaviors, and outcomes).
  • Design, develop, and apply requirements for a culture of engagement.
  • Evaluate and monitor the impact of employee engagement on business performance.
  • Design specific HR practices to increase employee engagement rates.
  • Identify, develop, and master required change initiatives.
  • Design employee engagement surveys and interpret their results.

Target Audience:

This training course targets managers who want to understand the secrets of employee engagement levels and how it leads to improved productivity, customer service, and encouraging employees to go the extra mile. The course is also designed to meet the needs of HR employees, such as supervisors and managers focusing on methods to encourage and motivate their employees’ engagement.

Program Content:

  • Employee engagement case study.
  • Current business reality.
  • Time management for flexible individuals.
  • Individual preferences: employee desires vs. employer desires.
  • Defining engagement.
  • Satisfaction level vs. engagement level.
  • Gallup Q12 engagement rates indicator.
  • Business case: ROI of engagement.

Engagement Model (Expectations, Behaviors, Outcomes):

  • Reasons behind individuals’ behaviors.
  • Carrot and stick approach.
  • ABC model.
  • Behavior modification.
  • ABC model for behavioral modification.
  • Expectations at work.
  • Key expectations for engagement.
  • What enhances outcome effectiveness.
  • Results that kill engagement.
  • Positive and negative reinforcement.
  • Institutional tools for communicating expectations.

Engagement Culture:

  • Important factors for employees.
  • Engagement motivators.
  • Barriers to engagement culture.
  • Spitzer’s eight desires for motivation and engagement.
  • Employee engagement model.
  • Mutual communication.
  • Trust in leadership.
  • Career development.
  • Employee role success.
  • Involvement in decision-making.
  • Professional discussion.
  • Employee meetings.
  • Role of values in building an engagement culture.

Return on Investment for Employee Engagement:

  • Employee retention rate.
  • Research data on engagement matrices.
  • Breakeven point to initiate interaction and engagement.
  • Return on investment calculations for engagement.

Human Resources Practices for Employee Engagement:

  • Talent war and its cost of loss.
  • Building the employee brand: What are the characteristics of an engaged employee?
  • Factors to improve employee engagement levels.
  • Activities that organizations can implement to enhance engagement levels.
  • Building high-performing teams: Performance enhancing engagement.

Employee Engagement Initiatives:

  • CEO: The manager responsible for engagement.
  • Leadership that fosters passion for interaction and engagement.
  • Framework (VOICE).
  • Managing employee engagement events.
  • Best practices checklist for employee engagement.
  • Integrated ideas in employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Surveys:

  • Four surveys, not just one.
  • Proposed framework for designing an effective survey model to measure employee engagement levels.
  • Fairness.
  • Engagement and interaction.
  • Well-being.
  • Information.
  • Level of engagement.

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Employee Engagement Practices and Strategies

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