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Certified Professional Manager

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Certified Professional Manager


  • Uses business scenarios and case studies to transfer knowledge and essential skills related to management functions and activities.
  • Utilizes assessments to help participants discover leading management methods.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify different roles and the associated managerial skills for each.
  • Develop core managerial competencies for performing tasks and responsibilities.
  • Choose the appropriate time for guidance and coaching to effectively manage others.
  • Identify the relationship between temperament and behavior and use them to motivate oneself and others.
  • Use logical and creative methods in problem-solving.
  • Differentiate between leadership and management to enhance overall outcomes.

Target Audience:

  • Department heads, supervisors, managers, and others in need of developing and refining their managerial skills.

Program Content: Management:

  • Organization/Institution definition.
  • Management definition.
  • Certified professional manager definition.
  • Tasks of professional managers.
  • Professional managers and work ethics.
  • Management: art or science?
  • Most influential factors on management performance.
  • Core management functions.
  • The six steps of planning.

Management Styles and Competencies:

  • Competency definition.
  • Core skills of professional managers.
  • Review of different management styles.
  • Factors influencing management style.
  • Reasons for manager failure.

Professional Managers and Effective Guidance:

  • Guidance vs. management.
  • Guidance and the iceberg theory of competencies.
  • Contribution of training in developing a work environment.
  • Five influential words in guidance.

Management and Motivation:

  • Motivation definition.
  • Motivation theories that professional managers should know.
  • Leading towards a motivating work environment.
  • Job design.
  • Goal setting.
  • Providing feedback on performance.
  • Reward systems.
  • How to motivate a multicultural workforce.

Challenges Handling Skills:

  • Top ten challenges faced by professional managers.
  • Applying a logical approach in managing challenges and finding solutions.
  • Fundamental principles that every manager should apply.

Management and Leadership:

  • Leadership definition.
  • Difference between managers and leaders.
  • The six levels of leadership.
  • Successful leadership habits.
  • Self-development plan.

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Certified Professional Manager

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