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Advanced Course in Digital Transformation

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Advanced Course in Digital Transformation


This interactive training course utilizes a variety of case studies, planning techniques, multimedia, fieldwork, and group discussions.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the concepts of digital transformation as a practical challenge for the organization.
  • Identify technologies and tools that focus on stakeholders and aim to build a future vision and strategy for institutions.
  • Demonstrate leadership principles and cultural transformation in working with institutional strategies, including self-awareness techniques and reflective thinking that enhance future growth.
  • Develop roadmaps for digital transformation that help understand the interrelationships between workflows and multiple projects within the context of digital transformation.
  • Utilize visioning techniques, goal-setting, and planning to create a future-oriented business development agenda.

Target Audience

This advanced training course in digital transformation is essential for professionals responsible for leading change, transformation, and strategy within the organization. This includes various roles such as executives, department heads, transformation leaders, program leaders, strategists, business engineers, and digital transformation change management specialists.

Training Program Content

  • Enhancing personal and institutional digital perspectives.
  • Setting expectations for the upcoming five days.
  • Self-awareness: What are your motivational values?
  • Leadership and followership.
  • Digital transformation culture.
  • Stop, start, and continue.
  • Initiating digital transformation – a collective task.
  • Information summarization research.
  • Conducting research, including office interviews, observations, and interviews.
  • Bias.
  • Triangulation: Multiple sources of information.
  • Constraints and opportunities.
  • Understanding constraints.
  • Organizational design that meets needs.
  • Digital transformation matrix and stakeholder focus.
  • Defining the “digital” context.
  • Digital transformation matrix.
  • Stakeholder focus.
  • Components of user experience.
  • Service design (front-end and backstage).
  • Planning user experience.
  • Empathy mapping.
  • Target persona analysis.
  • Enabling digital transformation.
  • Technological enhancements.
  • Deep dive into emerging trends.
  • Value proposition.
  • Business model canvas.
  • Developing your organization’s purpose.
  • Creating your digital transformation strategy.
  • Bold and ambitious goals.
  • Translating ideas and research into business strategies.
  • Digital maps.
  • Digital transformation planning.
  • Your organization in 5 years.
  • Reflective thinking on digital transformation practices.
  • History of digital transformation.
  • Fundamental principles of digital transformation.
  • Top 3 things to start digital transformation.
  • Future design.
  • Future visualization.
  • World expectations.
  • Future skills café.
  • Designing yourself beyond digital transformation.
  • Designing your employees beyond digital transformation.
  • Future planning skills.
  • Actions to take in your work.
  • Self-learning goals.

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Advanced Course in Digital Transformation

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