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Customer Complaint System: A Tool for Enhancing Customer Service

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Customer Complaint System

A Tool for Enhancing Customer Service


This course relies on case studies, exercises, and team collaboration to design procedures, templates, and role-playing exercises. It also includes brief presentations by the consultant, generating questions for group discussion.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Highlight the importance of managing customer complaint systems to improve organizational performance.
  • Implement a customer feedback system that enhances customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Manage every stage of handling complaints, from preparation to resolution, including complaint receipt, analysis, escalation, follow-up, and all internal and external communications.
  • Develop relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate and review complaint systems.
  • Evaluate existing systems and align them with the best global standards for handling complaints.

Target Audience:

Managers of customer complaint systems, employees, service managers, customer satisfaction and retention managers, and support department employees such as human resources and information technology, who provide services to other departments (internal customers) within the organization.

Training Program Content:

  • Introduction to understanding customers.
  • Interesting facts and figures.
  • Customer retention.
  • Developing and retaining a customer base.
  • PRIDE model for understanding customer needs.
  • Service mix elements.
  • Service quality model and service gaps.
  • Managing customer expectations.
  • Introduction to complaint management.
  • Dealing with complaints.
  • Defining “customer complaints.”
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Kanoo model.
  • The danger of ignoring complaints.
  • Stages of complaints.
  • Sources of customer complaints.
  • Types of complaints.
  • Complaint handling: process and behavior.
  • Dealing with customer complaints.
  • System standards and procedures for managing and processing complaints.
  • Background on complaint management standards.
  • ISO 9001 model and its relation to complaint systems.
  • ISO 9001 and requirements for complaint management.
  • Key elements of a complaint management system.
  • ISO 10002 framework.
  • Scope of the guidelines.
  • Complaint handling policy.
  • Responsibility and authority.
  • Senior management.
  • Management representative.
  • Other managers.
  • Employees who need to communicate with customers.
  • Other employees.
  • Planning and design.
  • Complaint resolution objectives.
  • Customer satisfaction, relationships, and fit.
  • Supplier requirements.
  • Competency requirements.
  • Processes and communication.
  • Key elements.
  • Receipt, registration, and follow-up.
  • Evaluation, verification, and complaint resolution.
  • Maintenance and improvement.
  • Management perspective.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of the complaint management system.
  • Quotations regarding standards.
  • Source of key performance indicators.
  • Measurements, standards, and key performance indicators.
  • Key results areas for the organization.
  • “Good” key performance indicator standards.
  • Complaint analysis: root cause analysis.
  • Prioritizing problem resolution.
  • Finding successful and effective solutions.

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Customer Complaint System: A Tool for Enhancing Customer Service

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