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Certificate in Effective Treasury and Cash Management

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Certificate in Effective Treasury and Cash Management


This training course utilizes a diverse blend of interactive methods, including presentations, practical theories, and a wide range of group exercises aimed at facilitating the exchange of experiences and the application of knowledge gained during the training course.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and explain the roles and functions of treasury management in an organization.
  • Apply the latest practices related to effective cash management techniques.
  • Build cash flow forecasts and cash balances, as well as expected loans on specific dates.
  • Deepen practical comprehension of treasury investments and products, including their risks and returns.
  • Apply technology related to treasury operations.

Target Audience

This training course is designed for treasury managers, finance professionals, finance directors, company auditors, financial controllers, senior accountants, accounting managers, bank employees, support office managers, business owners, traders, and individuals responsible for financial systems in companies.

Training Program Content:

  • Introduction to Treasury Operations
    • Defining the responsibilities of treasury operations.
    • Treasury operations as part of the organizational structure.
    • Roles of treasury personnel.
    • Strategic challenges faced by treasury managers in organizations.
    • Risks associated with treasury financial operations.
    • Market risks: interest rate risk, foreign exchange risks, equity price risks, commodity price risks.
    • Liquidity risks.
    • Credit risks.
    • Other risks.
    • Developing a heat map for treasury operations.
  • Cash and Liquidity Management
    • Compensatory balances.
    • Optimal cash balance:
      • Baumol model.
      • Miller-Orr model.
    • Managing and accelerating receivables collection.
    • Hedging: bilateral and multilateral.
    • Invoice discounting.
    • Rate analysis for decision-making.
    • Calculating debtor days ratio versus credit terms.
    • Inventory turnover days versus order fulfillment time.
    • Creditor days.
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
    • Purpose of cash flow forecasting.
    • Types of forecasts: purpose, time horizon, frequency.
    • Forecasting process.
    • Forecasting methodologies.
    • Short-term cash flow forecasting methods.
    • Medium and long-term forecasting.
    • Statistical methods in forecasting.
  • Treasury Financing and Investments
    • Short-term loan management.
    • Short-term financing alternatives.
    • Long-term debt financing.
    • Short-term interest rates versus long-term interest rates.
    • Loan agreements and contracts.
    • Credit rating agencies.
    • Bonds as long-term investment and financing instruments.
    • Short-term investment management.
    • Short-term investment policies.
    • Securities custody services.
    • Long-term investments and stocks.
    • Derivatives markets and hedging (contingency plans).
  • Technology in Treasury Operations
    • Technology platforms used in information management.
    • Treasury Management Systems (TMS) and their functions.
    • Cash management.
    • Data tables.
    • Payments.
    • Debts and investment transactions.
    • Key focal points for implementing a technology management system.
    • E-commerce basics.
    • Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM).
    • Treasury-related fraud cases.

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Certificate in Effective Treasury and Cash Management

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